A Beat-Box Brass Trio – Saxophone - Trombone - Tuba - Site-specific street performances featuring on-body mp3 dissemination system – using their instruments to communicate - improvising - 'beat-boxing' - at a virtuosic level – producer/director/composer.

Used to be Slime

Site specific work for brass ensemble and circus performersfirst performed in George Square, Glasgow 2011- producer/director/compose.

Dining With Alice

An outdoor site-specific work - mixed media event - interactive sound design with live performance - music composed for vocal soloists (6), chamber choir, chamber ensemble – V1, V2, Vla, Vc, DB, Hrn, Tpt, Tbn, Perc, Keys - directed and devised with Hilary Westlake - Salisbury Festival, U.K.1999 also produced by Artichoke Norfolk Festival at Elsing Hall 2011

The Flame of Freedom

Live national ABC TV mixed media event - Queensland Symphony Orchestra and the Brisbane Chorale - Directed and devised with David Bell & Bill Haycock- contains a number of original commissions.

The 50 Year Parade

Queens Golden Jubilee - The Mall - London.
Pageant, live national TV broadcast, BBC - music consultant, associate director Director Hilary Westlake. director/performer

The Perfect Day

An outdoor mixed media event including music performance, multimedia projections, fireworks, pageant - live national TV and radio broadcast, BBC - a celebration event for the opening of the refurbished western front of the Salisbury Cathedral - music composed and arranged for a number of ensembles; brass band, vocal ensembles, recorder ensemble and traditional English folk ensembles and sound-scapes. Director Hilary Westlake.

Circus Lumiere

The European Tour - a circus without animals, devised by Hilary Westlake with a company of six actors, text by David Gale - music composed for featured dance pieces - written for bassoon and flute - additional music composed for the Australian production.

Tip Top Condition

A dance theatre work, devised and directed by Hilary Westlake - a through composed score featuring sound scapes and music written for soprano, trumpet, two synthesisers, bass guitar and tape.




The Lament of Lucy Vaughn-Harding

A performance piece for soprano and piano. First performed at the Kingston Festival of the Voice 2007. Text by Heather Keens. James Squire was a highwayman, from Kingston. He was convicted of robbery with menace, in 1785. He was sentenced and transported on the first fleet to Botany Bay, Australia. He became the first man to grow hops and brew beer in the new colony. This piece is his story from the viewpoint of lover and house-keeper Lucy Vaughan-Harding – in-development


Theatralia and Camden Peoples Theatre - a Jazz concert fused with the text of Italian writer Stefano Benni, the interactive projections of SDNA, the postmodern Sound Scapes of Frank Millward along with the mysterious notes of Pat Thomas, Orphy Robinson, Dudley Phillips, Rowland Sutherland - Director Filomena Campus.

U 238 Work in Progress

Theatralia and Camden Peoples Theatre - This work navigates areas around interactive and experimental adaptation while breaking boundaries between entertainment and information, theatre and journalistic enquiry. Director Filomena Campus.


A dance music theatre work - winner of the “Perrier Award 1985 “ Edinburgh festival - through composed score featuring sound-scapes - music for four singers, sequencer, two tape recorders and synthesisers - devised and directed with Hilary Westlake - dialogue and lyrics by David Gale.


An opera - composed for five singers, an actor and four musicians, percussion, violin, 'cello and keyboards - libretto by David Gale - director Hilary Westlake.

Vulture Culture

The Australian production - a through composed score for orchestra, eight singers, synthesisers, tape and sound design - performed by the Queensland Theatre Orchestra and TN! Theatre Company, conductor, John Curro - directed by Hilary Westlake - lyrics by David Gale.


A theatre piece by David Gale – electronic music composition for six voices with tape - produced as a resident project at the Wimbledon School of Art and Design - directed by Hilary Westlake

Supermarket Pavane

A play by Elizabeth Jolly, accompanying score composed for piano and sound-scapes.

And Now Freedom

A mixed media event featuring live performance with video synchronisation - producer and director of this showcasing event of original works by staff and students from the Faculty of Arts at Southern Cross University.

The Flying Fruit Fly Circus – Moscow Circus

A children's circus - music composed for three featured acts and tape, Moscow Circus Australian Tour. Albury,N.S.W. - music composed for twenty-seven feature acts for an ensemble of four instrumentalists and chorus vocals.

Heart for the Future

A play by Janis Balodis - music for solo violin, electronics and tape, The Melbourne Theatre Co.

Entertaining Strangers

A music theatre piece devised by director Hilary Westlake - through composed score features sound scapes, chorus, tape and synthesisers.


SOUNDTRACKS -Documentary Films


The Fair Go – Winning The 1966 Referendum

Documentary film about the 1966 Australian Referendum about the status of Aboriginal Australians - director Pat Lauchrin - A.B.C. TV.

The Legend of Fred Patterson

Documentary film about Fred Patterson the only communist to be elected to the Australian Parliment - director P.Lauchrin - A.B.C. TV.

Red Ted and The Great Depression

Documentary film about Ted Theadore the Labour Party Treasurer who advocated a Keynesian approach during the great depression - director P.Lauchrin. - A.B.C. TV.


A four part documentary series about the Aztecs - BBC TV.
Composer Howard Davidson.

Station X

A four part documentary series about the code breakers in Bletchley Park during World War II - Channel 4, UK. Composer Howard Davidson.
(FM Arranger/Performer).


Documentary film about the slave trade in the Pacific islands - director, D.Beattie - SBS Television. (Composer).

Lost Wax Memories

Documentary film about casting bronze statues - director, M. Redman - SBS Television. (Composer).


One Man’s Instrument
Short film animation - director / writer Max Bannah - international release (Composer).

Bird Brain

Short film animation - director / writer Max Bannah - international release (Composer).

World Expo 88 The Video

A videogram featuring the three Expo 88 songs, lyrics by Carol Lloyd and additional instrumental material. (Composer).

Come Join The Spirit

An Expo 88 videogram featuring the song and additional instrumental material. (Composer).

Education '86
Music to an educational video produced by Queensland Education Production and Publishing Services. (Composer).

(Included in this category are between 300-350 sound tracks for corporate presentations - radio, television, live performance and cinema).




Audio Art

Walking Past Open Doors A podcast journey

Billie A Billie Holiday Montage

Clown Sound II A Dance Performance work




Uneasy Dreams

Featurin the Delta Saxophone Quartet - a DVD with music by: Gerald Barry – ‘Before the Road’ (1997), Tim Ewers – ‘On the Edge’ (2006), Michael Finnissy – ‘Selected Movements of The Great Masters’ (1996), Steve Goss – ‘Uneasy Dreams’ (2006), Mike Searby – ‘Ghosts and Arias’ (2007) and visual moving images by Frank Millward and Dave Orwell - FMR Records

From Anger To Sadness #4, #3, #2, #1

Multimedia work for solo soprano & projections, #4 presented at TaPRA (Theatre and Performance Research Association) conference Kingston University, 2011- #3 presented at the National Review of Live Art, 2010 - #2 presented at Goldsmith University Intimacy Conference Dec 2007 - #1 - York University Netvotech July 2006 - part of The Visual Voice project, collaboration with ENT surgeon, Dr John Rubin, exploring connections between scientific and artistic visualization processes.  #1 for small choir and soprano solo - #2 for solo soprano.  Both pieces use projected 3D spectrographic images (MAX/MSP/Jitter) with pre-recorded nasendoscopy images of affect utterances.

Vocal Folds In Motion the formative work that developed into the Visual Voice project (Video Piece)

Click (Interactive Flash Piece)

Phone Boxes(Video Piece)

Sea Loop (Video Piece)

Don't Ask Me Why
A multimedia performance work first performance at the IASPM conference Southern Cross University - video by Ian Slade. (Composer).

The Housewives Homepage
Multimedia performance work. (Composer/Performer).



Brass Quintets - Three works for brass quintet from ‘Used To Be Slime’ - published by Wirripang

solo piano 3 Audio CD with music book, piano recording by Sally Mays
1) The Jazz Cat 2) The Breeze & You 3) The Finish Fish 4) Fantasie
5) My Budgie’s Got The Swinin’ Cagen Blues 6) Brewing 7) Jivin’ Shuffle
8) Mambo With A Mullet 9) Bring Back Da Ba Ba Du Ah Ba Da - published by Wirripang

solo piano 2 - Audio CD with music book, piano recording by Sally Mays 1) Clown Dance II 2) Daydream Dancer 3) Non Ti Brusha 4) Roman Aqueduct 5) Shopping for Shoes 6) Through Early Morning Light I See 7) Try 'n' Tell 'er. Book and CD published by Wirripang

solo piano 1 - Audio CD with music book, piano recording by Sally Mays 1) Stilt Dance 2) Almost Had The Blues 3) View From A Garden Shed  4) Not Much Changes 5) A Simple Song 6) Once I was Crazy Now I’m Just Mad 7) The Crucifixion Blues 8) Red Ted.  Book and CD published by

From a Bridge of Dreams Audio CD compilation - includes the flute solo work ‘Calling The Turtles In’ by Frank Millward published by Wirripang

solo piano CD Recording (2012 release)

1 Stilt Dance
2 Almost Had the Blues
3 View From a Garden Shed
4 Not Much Changes
5 A Simple Song
6 Once I Was Crazy
7 The Crucifixion Blues
8 Red Ted
9 Clown Dance 2
10 Daydream Dancer
11 In Decision
12 Non ti Brucia
13 Roman Aqueduct
14 Shopping for Shoes
15 Through Early Morning Fog I See
16 Try 'n' Tell 'er

CD Recording
A work for DJ (Disc Jockey) and Orchestra.
I - yesterdays II - todays III - tomorrows
Scored for DJ/s and 2 Fls, 2 Obs, 2 Cls, 2 Bsns, 2 Hrns, 2 Tpts, Perc, V1, V2, Vla, Vc, DB - recording features: ABC - Queensland Symphony conducted by Michael Morgan Duration: 20 mins

Groove Robbers
CD Recording.
1 Your Song
2 Tricky Angles
3 Hold Me
4 The Song
5 Vibes
Recording features: Heather Keens, vocals. Frank Millward, keyboards. Steve Caruana, drums. Karl Biggs, vibraphone - Andrew Lesnewski, bass, Natalie Low, violin - Australian Recordings Produced/Engineered by Joy Weng and Bill Cooney at Griffith University Studios. UK Recordings Engineered by: Steve Lowe at Gateway Studios, Kingston University. Duration: 25 mins

CD Recording.
For Wind Orchestra and Soloists (Alto Sax, Accordion, DB). Duration: 13:20 mins

Tea & Biscuits

For Oboe and Marimba/Vibes. Duration: 6 mins

Guitar Concerto

A concerto for guitar in three movements.
I - Narcissus for Jazz Guitar
II - The Pool for Nylon Stringed Guitar with pickup
III - Echo for Electric Guitar with FX pedals
Scored for 3Fl, 3Ob, 2Cl, Bass Cl, 2Bsns, C.Bsn, 4Hrns, 3Tpts, 2Tbns, B.Tbn, Tba, Timp, 3Pcn, Bass (El & DB) Drums, V1, V2, Vla, Vc, DB. Duration: 28 mins

Tip Top Condition

The Instrumental / Vocal Suite for Soprano, Trumpet, two Synthesisers, Bass Guitar and Tape

The Politics Of A Romantic State

A work for string orchestra.
I - A Cynical Affair
II - Love’s Majority
III - The Swinging Vote
Scored for V1, V2, V3, V4, Vla, Vc, and DB. Duration: 10 mins


For 2 Pianos, 2 Saxophones, 2 Percussion, 2 Singers. Duration: 4 mins

Terror Eyes
For 2 Pianos, 2 Saxophones, 2 Percussion, 2 Singers. Duration: 3 mins

From Dining With Alice
1) Suite for Brass Ensemble. Duration: 15 mins
2) For String Quartet:
· A March Air for String Quartet (Score & Recording)
· A Slice of Alice for String Quartet (Score & Recording)
· The Mad Hatters String Quartet (Score & Recording)

Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

A sonata in three movements - Duration: 14 mins

Clowns Dance 1

A duet for flute and bassoon - Duration: 15 mins

A Latin piece for small ensemble - Duration: 4 mins

Stilt Dance
For Big Band - Duration: 3 mins

o I Get Along Without You Very Well (Score)
o Crazy (Score)
o Body and Soul (Score)
o Roses of Picardy for Soprano, Tenor & String Quartet (Score)
o The Children’s Home for Soprano, Tenor & String Quartet (Score)
o Come Into The Garden Maud for Brass Quintet &/or String Quartet (Score)


Songbook 1 – Book of five songs for solo voice and piano - words and music by Frank Millward published by Wirripang

Songbook 2 – Book of five songs for solo voice and piano - words by Lisa Gasteen, music by Frank Millward published by Wirripang

From Dining With Alice
For Soloists, Choir & Chamber Ensemble
1 The Spider & The Fly for SATB & Chamber Orchestra
2 Mad Hatters Song for Baritone & Chamber Orchestra
3 White Rabbit Solo for Actor (Text piece)
4 I'm A Little Toothbrush for Baritone & Chamber Orchestra
5 The Duchess Aria With Chorus for Sop, Choir & Chamber Orchestra
6 Alice’s Argument for SATB & Chamber Orchestra
7 Alice’s Common Sense Song for Child’s voice & Chamber Orchestra

From Senseless - An Opera.
Arias for Soprano and Piano
a) ‘Slashway’
b) ‘The Queens Aria’
c) ‘In The Springtime’

From Vulture Culture
1) Full Score for Soloists, S.A.T.B. & Orchestra
2) The Songs for S.A.T.B. & Orchestra
3) Calling In The Turtles for Solo Flute

From Brightside Suite
1) Full Score for S.A.T.B. & Piano
2) The Suite for S.A.T.B. & Pian

Chiaro Scuro An Opera
Full Score for Soprano, Baritone, Actor, Dancer and Chamber Ensemble

Other Songs
for voice & Piano
o See Hear – Duet for Sop & Mezzo (Score)
o Frau Freud (Score)
o My Room (Score)

for Soprano, Choir & Brass Band


Max Q – Michael Hutchence Solo Album (Arranger/Producer)

Noiseworks - Love Vs Money (Arranger)

Grace Knight Band – Live At The Basement (Performer)
Ray Alldridge Trio (Producer)
Moving Target – Margret Roadnight (Producer)
Eurogliders – Bernie Lynch (Arranger/Performer)
World Expo 88 – Three Songs & Videogram (Composer/Producer/Performer)

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