An outdoor site-specific work - mixed media event - interactive sound design with live performance - music composed for vocal soloists (6), chamber choir, chamber ensemble – V1, V2, Vla, Vc, DB, Hrn, Tpt, Tbn, Perc, Keys - Concept & Direction Hilary Westlake - Text David Gale - Design Simon Corder - Costumes Katie McPhee - Salisbury Festival, U.K. 1999.

(Frank Millward-Composer/Performer/MD)

1 A Slice of Alice (Ensemble)
2 Mad Hatter’s String Quartet
3 A March Air String Quartet
4 A Slice Of Alice String Quintet
5 A Call To Dine
6 The Spider & The Fly
7 Mad Hatters Song
8 White Rabbit Solo
9 I'm A Little Toothbrush
10 The Duchess Aria With Chorus
11 Alice’s Argument
12 The Common Sense Song
13 End Credits Alice

Artichoke – more info - ARTICHOKE PRODUCTION
, ELSING HALL, Norrwich and Norfolk Festival 2011

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