U238 Work In Progress - Performance

U-238 (Depleted uranium) is a dangerous toxic heavy metal, which has been used in huge quantities by armies since the first Gulf War, despite numerous independent studies warning of its toxic-radioactive effects. Paolini’s U-238 is a controversial monologue about depleted uranium and its dangerous consequences for the health of soldiers and civilians.

Theatralia’s interactive and experimental adaptation breaks the boundaries between entertainment and information, theatre and journalistic enquiry. Marco Paolini is a multi-award winning actor, director and author, famous in Italy especially for his production of “IL RACCONTO DEL VAJONT – 9 OTTOBRE 1963” that was awarded an Ubu in 1995 for Political Theatre as well as the I.D.I. Prize (the most prestigious dramaturgical competition in Italy) in 1996 for best new Italian play. The play was broadcast live on RAI, winning Paolini the Oscar television Prize for best show of 1997. This is the first UK theatre performance of U-238.

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In With Anger, Out With Love

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